Frequently Asked Questions

What are my payment options?
You can make your payment online. Click the Make A Payment button to submit your payment online. All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted.

You can mail your payment.
Mail the check and portion of you invoice to:
P.O. Box 330
Lakeland, FL 33802

Can I have my bill emailed to me?
Yes. Go Green and receive your bill by email. Click the E-Billing button, complete the form and submit.

How does my meter get read?
All meters are located outside of your home. A utility representative will visit the site either monthly or quarterly, depending on the billing schedule for your community.

Meter Readers make every effort to read meters in accordance with the scheduled billing times of that community.

Different methods are used to record meter readings, depending upon the community in which you reside.

Readings are manually entered into an electronic tablet. The information entered into the device is uploaded into our billing system and updates each customer account. Bills are then generated for each customer based on the approved pricing schedule.

The other method of reading meters utilizes a state of the art Automatic Meter Reading System. In the communities that his MR system is utilized, a utility representative will drive by the meters and the meter reading will be captured through a vehicle reading data collection system. This data will be uploaded to our billing system and updates each customer account. Bills are then generated for each customer based on the approved pricing schedule.

If I receive an unusually high water bill, what should I do?
The most common causes of high water bills include:

  • A leaking toilet (or one that continues to run after flushed)
  • A leaking or dripping faucet
  • Broken water pipes or leaks (water heater could be leaking also)
  • Water softener problems

Once you have checked each of these items and still cannot determine the cause of the unusually high water bill, you can contact a licensed plumber or your Community Manager for assistance.

If I sell my home, how do I get a final bill?
Contact your Community Manager to set up a time for the meter reader to obtain the final meter reading on the day of closing. The Seller is responsible for all water charges incurred up to the date of their closing.

What if I experience low water pressure?
This could be caused by a variety of issues. Most faucets’ aerators have a screen at the bottom designed to filter out sediment. This screen could become clogged with mineral deposits, which restrict water flow. Simply unscrewing the aerator and cleaning the screen usually corrects the problem. Replacement screens are available at most hardware stores. Issues with water softener systems also can create issues with water pressure.

What are some resources available to help conserve water?


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Four Lakes Golf Club
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Backflow Prevention

Century Utilities has implemented a Cross-Connection Control Program to protect the public water systems from contamination or pollution via backflow due to backpressure or backsiphonage. Read More...